Our Story

Who We Are

 Foureye Studio is an optical shop in Nagore quare, Penang. We strive to deliver fantastic eyewear frames at a reasonable price and backed up by great service. Our vision is ‘wear the right, but not the price’. We hope to empower individuality and self-expression through our beautiful and affordable eyewear. So that’s us, that’s Foureye Studio.

Affortable Price

FOUREYE STUDIO always maintained the principle of “only wear the right, but not the price” to introduce the glasses that suit our customer. We will ensure that the glasses we offer are high quality and value-for-money. There have more than 300 pairs of glasses available in our shop and we are happy to help you find the ones best suited with you. Check out the latest promotion now.

Ready within 10 minutes

FOUREYE STUDIO has adopted advanced instruments to equip you with new glasses in the shortest possible time. With our optometrist experiences and craftmanship, we able to give you a new vision within 10 minutes after eye test!

Eyeglass Repair

Our eye wear repair service can be scheduled by appointment or visit our store at FOUREYE STUDIO, Nagore Square. We also offer the service to replace your old lenses purchased at other shop. Walk-ins are welcome!

Customer satisfaction has always been our aim. Since opening the store in 2013, we have served thousands of customers and provided them with satisfactory service and glasses.

Our location